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Drive iHR Project

drive iHR Project For a Job Proiectul Resurselor Umane in domeniul Transport International Prototipul Online va contine in Platforma doua module Drivers’ Employee Personal Brand (EPB & CREB)) si Micro Transport Joburi (MTJ)   Modules: EPB | CREB | drive

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Proiect Customize yourself with a few clicks

Proiect Customize yourself with a few clicks – domeniu rezervat aici. Loc de titlu pentru #Brand, un proiect eShop dedicat brand-ului de nisa. Un eShop, un eCommerce care leagă teritorii, ne uneste cu suflet si ne imbraca cu stil, proiect


Cruise iHR Project

Cruise iHR Project | un proiect maritim cruise For a Job va fi o platformă globală atat pentru marinari cat și pentru companiile maritime. Care sunt serviciile care vor adauga valoare pentru cei mentionati?… ganditi-va la blockchain, dar din alta

Provocarea anului 2008 | Direct Home Delivery startup

O casa de comenzi online cu un modul interesant, cel de carte de bucate, care te ajuta sa incarci cosul de cumparaturi cu ingredientele necesare accesand cu un singur click selectia RETETA

Filmari | proba 1

Direct Home Delivery | Filmari | Proba Unu

Planificarea strategica salveaza timp | 1 minut petrecut in planificare, salveaza 10 minute in executie

Suport extins in domeniul Logistica, combinat cu proiecte de management, analiza proceselor de business cat si implementari Web.

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Employee Personal Brand

Employee Personal Brand

Description: The management mantra, you cannot manage what you cannot measure effectively sums up the role and importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in quality management. For candidate, Optimize your future interview request by analyzing job company activity, reviews, rating

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Cap Compas Cartea cerului foiletonata de degetele fine ale elicei

Cap Compas | Cartea cerului foiletonata de degetele fine ale elicei!

Cap Compas | Cartea cerului foiletonata de degetele fine ale elicei! Soarele lenes se-ntinde somnoros intre norii de la rasarit, inca palid pentru a putea incalzi vantul rece care ma tine cu mainile in buzunare si nasul in gulerul combinezonului,

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Skoda Sales Director at Porsche Inter Auto

Three words come to mind when I talk about Mugurel: organized, professional, reliable. In the period when we worked together as partners, 2006-2007, Mugurel showed me that I can rely on him, as he could make a correct forecast about the acquisition of trucks, which helped me a lot in estimate what I had to do to my stock provision necessary. In recommend using Mugurel as a professional in logistics and supply chain with confidence.

Luiza Brindusa Marin

General Manager SAS Grup

Mugurel is one of the best logistic managers I ever met. He knows to set strategic objectives that will guarantee the company growth on long term and to take short term decisions that are always aligned with the company mission, even if immediate results will be affected.

Adrian Dinu

Sales Executive Manager at SC Conect Clima SRL

I know Mugur since we worked toghether at Vel Pitar, then we where colleagues at Spicul. Every time I have noticed his analytical and organaizing mind. He finishes all his projects with good results. I think that Mugur is a gain for all the people that have him in the team.

Eugen Grigorescu

Marketing & Business Professional

Mugurel is a very result oriented , creative and open minded Logistics professional and also a independent visionary thinker. I saw him raising, developing and coaching an entire organisation chart within 10 subsidiaries almost from zero and managing a lot of people according to his revolutionary vision. He worked in those years in one of the most challenging industries from the logistics point of view (bakery and milling) using advanced concepts like 6 sigma, 5S or BSC.

Mircea Petrache