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s | Engineer Logistic & Transport | PHP Solutions
Former Wing Skydiver Trainer | Air Navigator Officer

Strategic planning saves time | 1′ spent planning, saves 10′ execution.

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Student PHP Web Development

LINK Academy Romania

  • (2 years)

My projects plan at Link Academy is iHR SelfService JOBs called domainForJob a start-up business work in progress in my free time!.

Specialities: PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Web Design.

Business Logistics Consultant

Birliba Logistics

  • (7 years 6 months)

Projects & fields expertise:
1. Logistics (Acquisition, Transport, Inventory) Management over 15 years experience.
2. Six Sigma and Project Management over 10 years experience.
3. Human Resources Management over 10 years experience.
4. Business Processes Management over 10 years experience.
5. CPC Air navigation services.
6. CPC Skydive Trainer.

1. CPC Transport Management

2. CPC Logistics Projects Management and Green Belt Six Sigma:
2.1. Analysis of Business Processes (5S) and Cost Structure Optimization at Vel Pitar Ltd.
2.2. Project management at Piritex Ltd | domestic crossdocking rebuild.
2.3. Member at Customer Management Association | Trafic Media article.

3. CPC Human Resources Management.

4. Project Management:
4.1. Direct Home Delivery Ltd | Online Home Distribution | Project Consultant.

4.2. Karavan Spedition Ltd | EU Transport Consultant.
4.3. Karavan Transporter Ltd | old Gofers branch startup) | EU Transport Consultant.

My Managing Book of responsabilities are:
○ Managing projects DMAIC of sixsigma, maintaining in-house databases and following up all defects with the fleet department.
○ Planning and managing depot payroll, including the projection of weekly manning levels, depot staff and drivers holidays planning, elements of tachograph.
○ Controlling the flow of communication at the site including monthly drivers report meetings (including CPC personnel files up to date, training needs, re-training, safe systems of work), updating the intranet and notice boards.
○ Managing the maintenance programme and repair of the site & fleet.
○ Ensuring all depot daily checks are completed and recorded on the central system.
○ Managing the debrief process.
○ Weekly KPI reports and following up on poor performance.

Domestic Logistic Manager

Vel Pitar

  • (4 years)București, România

Setting up, organizing, managing and administrating the Logistics Operational of 13 branches based on the objectives (budget – P&L) and performance criteria agreed between partners (Domestic Distribution (Primary and Secondary Transport), Stock and Route Planning, Vehicles group administration, Customer Service).

Vel Pitar Group SA is the main player in the Romanian milling and bakery industry.
Domestic network of 13 branches, administered system by USA – Broadhurst Investment LTD.
Working with all internal stakeholders to ensure that integrated planning process is followed, managed, maintained and executed.

Weekly and Monthly, Reports related to:
○ Service performance (call volumes, failure types, etc.)
○ Warehouse performance
○ Price of Nonconformance
○ HR recruitment and selection;
○ HR organisation structure design including job descriptions and job ladders from HR strategic Budget to HR operational Budget;
○ Profit Centers control and optimisation ;
○ HR training and change management initiatives to improve employee productivity.
○ SixSigma project success implementation wich means analysis of business processes (5S) and cost structure optimization named “Define long-life supply chain management for customer satisfaction 99% – CODE 05-B-SALES-0015”
○ Logistics activity (costs, volumes, service trends)

Chief Acquisition Officers

Murfatlar Romania SA

  • (4 years 6 months)

The Murfatlar vineyard is in the south-eastern part of Romania, in the Dobrogea plateau in Constanta, in the middle of Carasu Valley. Nowadays, Murfatlar is the leader on Romania’s wine market, covering more than 30% of the total wine production.

Regarding exportations, more than 20 countries import Murfatlar, amongst which the United States of America, Finland, Israel, Denmark, Japan and Germany.

My summary activity:
○ Organization and administration of suppliers data
○ Administration of raw materials, inventory/registry
○ Unitary administration of orders and contracts within the data base
○ Setting of the annual national acquisition plan
○ Identifying, negotiating, analyzing the suppliers’ data base, based on the quality performance indicators
○ Negotiating unitary acquisition prices/costs for all Production Centers
○ General inventory management for raw materials and production planning for all Production Centers

Air Navigator & Skydiver Officer

Romanian Air Force

  • (9 years 1 month)

Rescue equipment at Military Logistics Division
○ Air Navigator | Wing Parachute Flight Instructor


PHP Web Development & Web Design | IT

LINK Academy Romania

  • (2 years)

Am studiat si aprofundat cu dedicatie pe acest nou domeniu profesional pentru interconectarea cunostintelor | expertizei mele din logistica | transport | web in beneficiul meu profesional, pentru a adauga valoare partenerilor mei de afaceri, pentru schita de proiect personal in domeniul iHR selfService driveForJob Platforma online

ASEBUSS CPC, Project & SixSigma Management, Green Belt

ASEBUSS – Bucharest

  • (6 luni)

Six Sigma by trainer Claudiu Crivineanu | Procurement Director at Vel Pitar Group & Black Belt Trainer
Logistics Engineering by NCH Group | Vel Pitar SA
Supply Chain Management by trainer Adriana Palasan at ARILOG Logistic Assocciation

Project Management | The Main Cours: by trainers Conf Dr Oana Firica, Lector Dr Victor Dragota and Consultant EMBA Sergiu Rusu

Board Navigator | sİng. Transportation | Skydiver Trainer | Transport-Operation and Maintenance

“Aurel Vlaicu” Institute | Romanian Air Force Officer

  • (3 years)

Air Navigation | Air Transportation | Skydiving | Road Transportation

Bachelor of mathematics and physics,

“Dimitrie Cantemir” Military College

  • (4 years)

Clinceni airfield crew pilot

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