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The management mantra “You cannot manage what you cannot measure” effectively sums up the role and importance of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in quality management.

For candidate, the intelligence that candidate needed, is a whitelist of drivers that European Transport Companies are be focused to optimizing job seeker strategy; the software help candidate to develop EPB – employee’s personal brand:

  • Optimize candidate future interview request by analyzing job company activity, reviews, rating and deep metrics like KPI’s: Retention-Rate, Salary-Satisfaction, Workplace-Satisfaction.

For company, the intelligence that companies needed are to be focused to optimizing recruiting strategy; Whitelist of drivers software will bring disponibility of EPB – employee’s personal brand near to you:

  • Optimize your recruiting by analyzing EPB – employee’s personal brand (job candidate profesional activity, demographics, profile traffic, candidate rating & reviews) and deep metrics like KPI’s : Time-to-Hire, Cost-per-Hire, and finally Quality-of-Hire.

  • Measure and improve companies reputation using whitelist of drivers software, company articles about internal enviromental work place, candidate and employee feedback lead to companies ratings.

The Whitelist of Truck Drivers Software called e-platform driverForJob makes Competitive Intelligence for a good enviromental workplace to the employees also competitors transport companies, and adopt some of their winning tactics;

Because one happy and tranquil employee will generate profit with the truck, a good employee engagement strategy can help improve your employer brand over time!

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