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Experienced Driver with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Budgeting, Coaching, Management, and Stock Exchange. Strong operations professional with a Economics focused in Business Administration and Management, General from Spiru Haret University Constanta.

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As a planner I know that having a good planning scheme can save you from many problems. Delivering on time, you build trust, trust used to have good contracts, good contracts for better money, investing that hard earn money to build a company bigger and grater that you have.

On paper is simple. But actually is not. I could say that I have seen many problems working in an office, problems with clients, problems with drivers or office colleagues or direct managers but I realize that if you are not sharp enough and flexible, you will have more and more problems. That you want to avoid.

As a planner I couldn’t understand what is actually happen on the road. I thought that you receive an order from a client, check that order, send it to the driver and…that is it, probably help the driver to collect and deliver safely and in time.

Now, I am a driver and I start to see the things differently. As a driver you need to understand that without hard work, sweat and tears, you are going to lose your job. Because if the company don’t have any goods to collect and deliver cannot make money. Guess what is happening to any company that ran out of money! Any good driver class 1 or class 2, van driver any delivery driver need to understand that you need to collect all the goods that the planner told you to, you need to drive in safe conditions (because if something wrong happen, you and the company will suffer), you need to drive economical (less fuel and consumables, less money from the company to spend), you need to think; where can the company be located? (if you have a wrong post code for example), can I find a phone number to call? (internet) What do I have for the company? Any small detail can save you. Remember, a good planner is not staying in an office, doing nothing, waiting a driver to call for assistance.

A good transport company is, what I like to call, a TEAM COMPANY; where everyone works equal, where there are no difference, example: DRIVERS and OFFICE TEAM or MANAGERS and SLAVES (ugly word but is true) or 1 COMPANY and 10 DIFFERENT GROUPS of DRIVERS, PLANNERS, MANAGERS and so on.

A planner need to do his work, plan every action as best as he can, be flexible; a driver need to be a driver that can understand the importance of what he is doing, a manager need to be there, everywhere, all the time, he is manager because he has most of the answers that you need, he can and will guide you to do your work as best as you can.

As a planner and driver, now I start to see all the things different, on the road and in the office. And there are some big differences that, if you don’t practice both jobs, you will not understand. JUST a driver will not understand what is happening in an office (in time deliveries and collections, clients, drivers to manage and so on) and JUST a planner will not understand what is happening on the road (finding addresses, driving, tachograph care, waiting to deliver or collect, problems on the road and so on).

I would like to say thanks to some friends that shown me what means to be a driver and what means to be a planner.

by Adrian Trofin

About Adrian: “Adrian has ability to identify the problem, analyse the causes deep to root cause and prepares a very good solution and follow-up on execution”.

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